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      40 defects of medical equipment on-the-fly inspection

      The flight inspection is an unannounced supervision and inspection carried out by the food and drug regulatory department against……

      Warm congratulations to Su Jie Medical for successfully obtaining the …

      On October 10, 2019, the bsc-iia2 series biological safety cabinets produced by Su Jie Medical Center successfully obtained the three type……

      Congratulations on Su Jie's medical equipment qualification

      Congratulations on Su Jie's medical equipment qualification…

      How to operate and maintain the biosafety cabinet correctly?

      In general, when cleaning, use a small amount of domestic or commercial dish detergent, dissolve it in water and wipe it directly, then the dirt on the surface of the equ……

      What is the difference between safety cabinet, ventilation cabinet and…

      The biosafety cabinet is designed to protect the working personnel, laboratory environment and experimental products from exposure to the infectious…

      The State Food and Drug Administration printed and distributed medical…

      On April 15, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the plan of "clearing the network" action for medical devices…
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